Realtime Product Sale
Your customers can make a video call at anytime to explore more about your products. This a unique and reliable way to sell products on the internet.
Product selling reservation
Our unique product help a busy customer can make a reservation to meet the store to buy a product she want.
Smart selling tool on Facebook, Instagram
Increase your selling productivity and interaction between stores and their customers
Can easily to integrate to your selling channels on Facebook, Tiki, Lazada or Shopee
Nowadays, one store can sell the products on different channels (Ommi-channels). Our product can easily integrate to these channels to help a store increase revenue
Share Screen, co-browse and record functions
Users can share their screens whenever they want and also have ability to record your calling sessions.
Build your own trust for your services
To distinguish between good and bad products in e-commercial era is not easy. In order to bring your high quality products to your customers, you need an effective way or a software product to help you. Come to us and S2VIRTUAL will help you.

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