A Standard Retail Management Platform To Serve For Different Industries

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Offline Stores
Product catalog management
Customer information management
Account receivable management
Discount management
Sale transaction, work order and quote order management
Payment methods, delivery management
Suppliers management, commission management
User access control management, stores management
Multiple Stores Model
We serve for both single store and multiple stores. Our design software to have capability serve for tens or event hundreds of stores with the headquarter - satellite stores model. This will help distributed supply chains to manage their products and operations effectively.
Items movements among stores, have ability to track, monitor, control daily activities easily.
Customer's Information Management
Record Customer's Detail Information, shipping address management
Sale Transactions History
Customer's Discounts, customer loyalty
Customer Categories
Credit Payment - Payment on Account
Ommi Channels: The capability to manage and synchronize your sale transactions data from:
Sale on Social Network: Facebook, Youtube, Google smart shopping, Zalo
Sale on Shopee.vn
Sale on Tiki.vn
Sale on Lazada.vn
Sale on Your Website
Your offline stores
Marketing and eCommercial Website Integration
A long with our advanced features to serve for managing your daily operations. We have eCommercial website which integrates to your back office to boost your sale's revenue
Marketing on Social Networks and Realtime Sale for Online Stores
Auto Comment
Build Your Community
Realtime Sale for Online Stores
Make Reservation for Product Introduction
Delivery Services Integration
Have ability integrate with delivery services easily: ViettelPost, Giao Hang Nhanh, Giao Hang Tiet Kiem and etc...
Or stores owners can offer self-delivery service
Inventory Tracking
With our design model for inventory management. Users have a very flexible way to manage their inventories which compare to traditional design.
The stores owners can be easily to tracking items' quantity and items' movement among the warehouses.
With our mobile application, users can sale the products anywhere from warehouse to display and introduction products.
Manage your inventory across stores
Do purchase order, transfer in, transfer out inter-stores
Offline inventory
Useful Notifications Mechanism 
With this feature you can easily to track changes of data effectively. It will help responsible person to take the right actions on the right time with a right place. Email and push notifications are the two main channels that users can interact to and also, users can easily customize its contents and want to receive the notifications or not.

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